Specialty Abrasives and Kits

Specialty Abrasives and Kits
These abrasive products and accessories are used for manual or power sanding, buffing, polishing, or cleaning project applications. Adapt a grinding or cut-off wheel to a new function or wheel type with abrasive wheel adapters. Use spiral and cartridge rolls, which are rolled cloth in a tube or spiral shape and covered in abrasive grain, to get into tight spaces and smooth small metal parts. Abrasive mandrels are used in conjunction with power tools for holding abrasive stars and other products in place. Expanding drums maintain the tightness of sanding belts while grinding. Bore polishers, abrasive stars, and sanding cross pads smooth out the insides and ends of tubes and pipes.

Abrasive Stars

Abrasive Mandrels

Abrasive Wheel Adapters

Bore Polishers

Abrasive Band Kits

Abrasive Test Kits

Expanding Drums

Rotary Flap Peen Assemblies

Spiral and Cartridge Rolls

Spiral Bands

Sanding Cross Pads